Recently at my work I had to implement a UINavigationBar that consisted of two labels instead of one by default.

I have never done it before since projects I had been working on didn’t have it. But this implementation is pretty easy and it takes just two minutes to implement it.

To place two labels in a UINavigationBar we firstly have to create them.

I’m a big fan of creating UI Elements using anonymous closure.

Creating labels with anonymous closure

This code above shows you how it is easy to create any UI Element using this pattern.

After we created two labels we need to…

As you might know, the world of iOS development is divided by two types of developers who uses storyboards and who doesn’t.

In this article we are going to learn how to setup a new project without any use of storyboards.

Let’s get started.

The first thing we have to do when we create a new project is to delete Main.storyboard file since we are not going to use it.

Delete Main.storyboard file

The second thing to do is to select project and under the general tab select Main interface field and clear it since we do not have Main.storyboard

Have you ever tried to make a UITextView that can resize itself based on its content? You sure have seen it in many messaging apps but today we are going to learn how we can resize our UITextView so it fits its content and after it takes a big chunk of text it cannot longer become bigger and it starts scrolling.

Understanding the default behavior of UITextView

If you ever worked with UITextView then you know that this UI Element allows us to type multiline text in it. …

In this article, I will talk about localizing and translating your iOS application into different languages. If your app supports more languages it’s better for you as a developer because more people can use it. It means your app can have more downloads and make more revenue.

So in this article, you will see how you can set this up for your app and by the end of it your app will be available in other languages.

Let’s get into it together!

So it’s actually pretty easy to add different translations for your strings in the application.

We are going…

Sergey Chsherbak

21 y.o. iOS Developer

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